Renewing the Promise 


We're Listening! Every Voice Matters

We want to hear from you about Catholic education in Ontario! "Renewing the Promise" is a dialogue.

Your input about Catholic education - the present challenges and opportunities will help guide us for the future.

Share Your Ideas Online​

It's Not Too Late to Participate! 

Thoughtexchange has provided a new link to allow those who have not yet participated in the engagement process as an opportunity to contribute their thoughts. To participate, please register here.

Over the next few weeks, participants will be invited to look at emerging themes and prioritize them, both locally and provincially. Your ideas will provide important input for a gathering of the Catholic community later in the year on the theme of "Renewing the Promise".

When this process is complete, results and analysis will be made available online. Catholic Education Week 2018 will be the occasion to celebrate all that we have learned.

Renewing the Promise - A Dialogue in Three Phases

Share: March 1 - May 19, 2017 - Online dialogue begins with YOUR comments entered electronically into Thoughtexchange.

Star: At the end of May, Thoughtexchange invited participants back online to view all comments from the first phase of this dialogue. Participants are encouraged to add virtual "stars" to the ideas generated locally, that resonate most with them. In June, 2017, participants are able to add virtual "stars" to the ideas generated provincially, that resonate most with them.

Discover: Will take place during the months of September and October, 2017. Details will follow.

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